Another Sunny Saturday – Another Party

Sunday 22nd June

This time it was Michael’s Birthday.   It was, as seems tradition these days, held in our back garden.  The weather was splendid, there was plenty of food and wine and good conversation.  The perfect ingredients for a perfect party.  It did seem a  bit of a marathon as Michael turned up with the food and wine at midday.  Guests arrived shortly after two and a steady stream continued all afternoon.  It was after all the longest day of the year, and we sat out until gone ten.  Then indoors for more coffee and chat.   I must have made twenty or more coffees, and the Nespresso machine certainly proved it’s worth.  I had had a slight headache in the morning so avoided any alcohol, drinking lemonade instead.  Actually I think I enjoyed it as much as I ever do when drinking wine.

This morning we got everything cleared up in a an hour or so, and we are now relaxing and back to normal.  The strange thing about a party too, is that you start off with a large quantity of drink, never sure whether people will go for beer or wine, or something else.  Cans and bottles are opened and yet at the end of it you always have more than you started with.

If only everything could be like that.