And now the sun shines

Wednesday 29th August

And so yet again the weather Gods cock a snook at us mere mortals.  After a pretty dismal weekend of cold and wet and wind we woke up on Tuesday to bright sunshine.  Beautiful no doubt, but a few days late one must admit.  And suddenly the working week is cranked up again.  Where yesterday the streets were silent and the tube trains almost empty, today it is all rush and bustle.  I have always felt a bit melancholy after the late summer bank holiday, the last one before Christmas, has passed.  It is almost saying that the summer is now officially over, children soon back to school, and the onset of Autumn.  A long featureless drag into Winter.  But in reality, September is often a better month than August, and October can delight with late summer sunny days too.  And today, despite the two week catch-up I have to contemplate at my work, I am sitting in Pret enjoying the scene.  The sun on Green Park and everyone scurrying past.  I will shortly finish my coffee and walk through the park for fifteen glorious minutes before work begins.  And at least it ‘ain’t raining.