2066 – What is this Big Secret?

Saturday 20th February

-[The question I need to ask is simple.  Despite your rebellion, despite your ‘journal’ and your apparent dissatisfaction with so much of the world as it is today – do you want to help mankind to a better future?]-

That’s like saying do you like life, or are you in favour of food as a means of sustenance.  There is no answer ‘no’ to that question.

-[Let me put it this way then, would you like to actively help us to improve the future?  Would you, rather than be a constant malcontent, be willing to contribute in some way to society?]-

I suppose that depends, doesn’t it.  I would need to know a hell of a lot more before I could definitely say yes.  In the abstract it sounds fine, but I will really need a bit more information.  So, a qualified yes, but if I don’t like what you are actually proposing that might end up being a no I am afraid.

-[Always this scepticism, where does it all come from?  But in any case I have been asked to inform you and inform you I will.  For the sake of this interview I am taking your answer as a yes.  Not that it really matters as I am sure you understand.  As we are presently constituted you are guilty of several misdemeanours, you have no real rights as a citizen anymore, so your opinion, your agreement, is irrelevant.  I hope you understand that, Janek?]-

Absolutely, Mr. William.  I was under no illusions that this was in any way a fair and equal chat.  Interesting as it is to be sitting here with you, if I were free to be elsewhere you wouldn’t see me for diddly-squat.

-[These attempts at humour, while mildly amusing, are not really helping your cause.  I need you to be serious for a moment.  What I am about to tell you is very important.  In fact it is most secret.  It goes without saying that you will not repeat anything I might tell you to any unauthorised person.]-

I apologise for seeming flippant.  I do realise the seriousness of my situation.  I am totally aware that you could simply have me taken out of here and shot at a moment’s notice.  Do you know how that makes me feel?  Humour is my way of coping with that, that’s all.  And as we both know I am in no position to talk to anyone, or am likely to be in the foreseeable future.  I don’t know whether I should be flattered or very very scared that you are telling me whatever big ‘secret’ you are about to divulge.  I feel as if we are playing some sort of mind games here actually, and I not sure if there is likely to be a winner.  Not me in any case, that’s for sure.

-[Hopefully mankind will be the winner.  There are two schools of thought Janek.  One, that nothing we do on this planet, nothing at all has any meaning, in the context of the Universe I mean.  The Cosmos is so vast and ever-developing, new stars being born, whole constellations dying that what happens on a small planet on a tiny strand, a wisp of stars is bound to be irrelevant.  And the other is that everything we do has meaning, everything matters.  Some people even hold the two ideas simultaneously, and see no dichotomy in that.  But I am a firm believer in the second proposition, as I believe deep down you are too Janek.  Everything matters; everything we do has some significance.  And nothing more than what I am about to tell you.]-

Okay, so what is the big secret?  What is it you are itching to tell me?  Even though I know that my knowing it might be more dangerous than splendid ignorance, you actually are beginning to intrigue me.

-[About eight years ago the UK and America started the ‘select’ programme.  It is top secret and has never been publicised or even admitted to.  Any Gov minister will simply deny its existence, which will be easy as they have no idea it exists at all.  It is still being developed and expanded.  Of course by admitting you into the secret you must realise that you will not be allowed to divulge what I am about to tell you.  Ever.  That is simply not a possibility.   The ‘select’ programme is, in short, mankind’s first determined attempt to create a new type of human being.   In essence what the ‘select’ programme is attempting to achieve is a new direction for the evolution of the human race.