2066 – Our Unseen Observer’s view of Janek’s Latest Adventure

Saturday 26th December

-[I suppose that some of you may be wondering how this state of affairs could exist, but as this document is strictly for limited viewing I may as well enlighten those of you who are still ignorant of the rules governing certain strata levels.  In order to minimise resistance and for the sake of speedy implementation of the new republic, it was decided that the top level of society should be allowed far more freedoms than the rest of society.  These people, essential for future stability, were allowed for a limited time at least to continue with some activities which might appear on the surface to be hypocritical.   The very people who were implementing laws prohibiting alcohol and certain sexual practices were allowed to continue enjoying them.  I have been teetotal for many decades now, and am sexually neutered also.  But this should not be allowed to confuse my thinking.  Just because I have voluntarily given up certain pleasures gives me no moral authority to judge those who have not so decided.

Human development has always been a tortuous one, as certain understanding and tolerance increases so in another direction barbarism and cruelty sometimes come back to the fore.  In order to assist in mankind’s evolution a new way of thinking had to emerge, and things could no longer be left to chance.  Decisions had to be taken for the good of the majority, and individual sensibilities had to be overridden.  We knew that a perfect system could not emerge in such a small time-frame; in fact it may take centuries before we achieve our objective.  Someone once said that Rome was not built in a day; to which I would reply – ‘No, but bits of it were.’

The trouble with people is their greed.  If this basic instinct can be eradicated, and of course all our policies are pursued with that as a primary objective, then we believe that a new type of human being will evolve.   By creating a perfectly sustainable economic system, and completely flexible cred, and with better and faster computing power there is no reason why scarcity of any human need should exist.  Without scarcity there is no benefit accruing to the individual in having an excess of any commodity.   Therefore Marx’s dictum of ‘to all according to their need, from all according to their ability’ will become the norm.  Without violent revolution, death and the despotism that have accompanied previous half-hearted attempts, I might also add.

So, we must not confuse today’s slightly contradictory system with the inevitable end-product we are all striving for.  This is simply a phase of development, and imperfect as it is, it is working for the vast majority of people.  The slightly awkward fact of their being in effect one rule for some and a different judgement for others is not important in the long-term.  Suffice it to say that the peccadilloes of those upon whose shoulders most responsibility lay were tolerated as long as they remained behind closed doors.   Besides as far as alcohol was concerned, we had a practical problem, which those who advocated its prohibition had not considered.  It was nigh on impossible to simply destroy it, one could hardly pour it all down the drains (too much environmental damage).  So rather than store it forever it made more sense for it to be consumed by a small but important minority who besides anything else had the capacity to appreciate and not abuse it.

As for the sexual irregularities this select group are allowed, I have always had reservations regarding this.  I have no desires in that direction myself, and as part of the ‘select’ programme I underwent chemical changes which removed all sexual desire from my emotional make-up, but on the whole, as long as the participants are willing I have no ‘hang-ups’ regarding this area of human activity.   However as I am sure some of you may be aware even this proviso has been relaxed in their case.  This is of course not my area of responsibility so I cannot make any judgement.  But some of you may be slightly disturbed by the next few entries in Janek’s little journal.  If so please fast-forward to Part four.  I have no wish to sensationalise this episode, or indeed the whole Janek Smith saga, I am merely recording the facts as they unfolded, as I am sure the more sensible of you will realise.]-