2066 – More Revelations

Wednesday 25th May

I have only been partially conjoined; my brain and my Hypercom twin are now linked, although at present this is only one way.  I am receiving data all the time from the computer’s memory. New boxes keep arriving, I barely have time to open one before another arrives.  I can already solve quite complex mathematical problems instantly, almost without thinking.  I have access to the complete ‘select’ programme.  I know that my old friend William is watching my progress with interest, and I suspect a small degree of jealousy.  I am monitoring the progress of my fellow unknown conjoinees, who will be on a six-stage conjoinment; best to take things a bit slower with these slightly less developed individuals.

My next conjoining will enable the hypercom brain to have access to my thoughts and memories, and the final conjoining will link us inextricably so that we will think simultaneously.  Of course, when I say Hypercom, I mean the whole hyper-computer network.  All hyper-computers are linked, so that one increase of knowledge by one machine is instantly shared by all.  Very soon my brain will be part of that network too.  I am quietly anticipating that moment, when my own human sensibilities will finally be shared with the most complex Artificial Intelligence yet created.  With such power at our disposal all problems, material, environmental, or just human aberration will be solvable.  At last mankind will be freed from the petty animal concerns inherent in our previous existence.

I stated earlier that God never has and never will exist.  This is the recognized orthodoxy, at least in the educated West.  What we mean is that although the reason for the existence of the Universe and all matter, the laws of physics, and the reason for life itself are still not fully comprehended, we now know so much as to be able to state categorically that any evidence for a creationist entity, a super guiding hand if you will, simply does not exist.  The Universe simply is.  It actually resembles a vast Moebius strip, twisting round and back in on itself, continually growing and looping around,  and both expanding and contracting, depending on how you look at it.  Scientific achievements in the last fifty years means that we know almost everything about the creation of the Universe, the nature and existence of matter and its constituent particles, and how atoms combined to form life itself.  In other words we know How and When and What.  We are on the threshold of understanding Why.  I am confident that after the final conjoining and my complete absorption into the hyper-computer heirarchy we will discover Why also.  It can only be a matter of time.