The Trouble With Democracy

Tuesday 1st November

Democracy is in great danger.  We, the people, keep voting the wrong way.  One of the arguments over a hundred years ago against Universal Suffrage (and this was only for men at the time too) was that the ordinary working man was not educated enough to vote on important issues.  That argument was lost but there have been times recently when one wonders whether there was some merit in the idea.

Times are changing and rapidly too.  Time was when everyone watched the News every night at six and again at nine.  With only two channels and both showing news at the same time you simply couldn’t escape what was happening, even if one received a fairly establishment view.  Documentaries were real documentaries, not mockumentaries or shockumentaries – back then we were informed and enlightened, now we are merely distracted or entertained; our prejudices re-enforced.  Also almost everyone bought a newspaper, and even the tabloids carried more serious news than pages of Celebrity Gossip and kiss and tell exposes.

Now more and more people get their ‘News’ from Social Media, or 60 second up-dates or for some not at all; the remote and multi-channels are used to protect their pretty little brains from anything remotely serious or ‘real’ while they indulge in soaps and Celebrity ‘Reality’ shows.  So it is no surprise that Celebrity Politicians are on the rise, Nigel, Boris and The Donald.  Already we have had the Brexit vote, where prejudice was ‘wink-wink’ acceptable and untruths on both sides paraded shamelessly; no wonder most people decided to go with the most likeable rather than the most sensible proponents.  And now in America I fear the same phenomenon is happening.  An electorate tired of all Politicians are about to elect a rude, aggressive and arrogant bully, who ‘Says it like it is’ and will make America ‘Great Again’.  The polls, unreliable at best, are closing and Hilary is beginning to wilt.  It may indeed be too late for either Candidate to capture any new votes, it could all be down to how many supporters turn out to vote, and Donald’s seem more stupid and more determined.  We will see…