Election – What Election?

Friday 1st May

I am obsessed with the News, 24 hour TV news or the internet or reading the papers.  It almost feels as if I am somehow responsible for it and that if I do not know what is going on something terrible might happen when the truth is that knowing about things makes not a jot of difference to the end result. I have been particularly concerned with the coming election, and have convinced myself that it is of vital importance, but politicians tell us that at every election.  “We cannot afford another five years of this government” or “Don’t throw away the achievements we have made” are bandied about; Theresa May going so far as to declare that if Labour were supported by the SNP, as they very well might be, then it would be the biggest constitutional crisis since the Abdication of Edward the Eigth…..durghhh !!!!

Anyway, the strange thing is that the moment I stepped off the plane, all that anxiety and concern and obsession has waned.  I am sort of resigned now to just wait and see (though I am sure to sit up all of election night as I have done at every general election I can remember).  The sun has been shining, it was market day yesterday and the café was busy, I bought some wooden toys for a couple of grandchildren and some truffes and vanille for the chef of the one Restaurant I will still be working for.  I was chilled out and relaxed and tonight we are eating out again with friends (tough life, I know).  I am sort of tempted to switch the TV on, but if it is bad news and Ed has made some awful bigot-gate like gaffe, or if the polls have swung heavily towards the Tories I will only be dragged back into that worrying mode I have just escaped from.  No doubt when I fly back on Sunday first thing I will do will be to switch on BBC news channel, but for now it is Election, what Election…