Triathlon Complete – Nous Sommes en France

Monday 23rd December

The Marathon is over, at least for 2013.  The last two momentous weeks are complete.  Having the family meal, the moving of the furniture, the making-up of the chairs, the cooking for seventeen sitting down for lunch, the exchange of presents, our announcement, then the remaining few days at work, Christmas parties, Friday – day of all days, the frantic getting dressed, the last minute dash out for new tights for my partner, the wedding itself, completely unrehearsed and barely thought about, the photo’s, the breakfast in the park, the getting ready for the evening party, the cooking of the huge gammon, the laying the buffet table, the welcoming of guests, the rushing around as wine waiter, the announcement of our matrimonial state, the making of endless lattes, the dropping exhausted into bed at 1.00 a.m., the clearing up, the washing of glasses, the trip to the dump, the moving back of furniture, the loading the car, the cleaning the house, the early to bed, the even earlier getting up, the filling of the thermos flasks, the drive to Folkestone, the two hour wait because of technical difficulties in the tunnel, the long drive through France, the rain, the sunshine, the rain again, the nightfall, the last stop, the first sign for Bergerac, the first sign for Eymet, the arrival at our home, the switching on of heaters, that first fresh cup of tea, the emptying of the car, the slog up to bed….

And now all is calm in our little French home, slowly getting warm.  Rested, relaxed, showered and warm and ready to buy a few goodies for Christmas itself, which compared to the Triathlon we have just completed should be a quiet little affair.  We hope.