The Only Thing George Got Wrong Was The Date

Sunday 28th September

George Orwell was writing in 1948 and he thought the title 1984 would be about right.  Sorry George, you got the date wrong.  By thirty years.  You got everything else right, mind you – more or less.  If we aren’t watching Big Brother then Big Brother, under the guise of looking for terrorists is watching us.  As I say in my book “2066 – A Personal Memoir” –‘You can have as much free speech as you like, only you aren’t free to say exactly what you are thinking’.  Don’t be daft – they might lock you up as a terrorist.

History is being re-written, before our very eyes.  Labour caused the financial crash of 2008, Gordon Brown was personally responsible for the collapse of Lehmann Brothers, we are the tax cutting party (but only for millionaires, the first thing they did was put up VAT, in fact it is their favourite tax, every new Tory administration since Heath has raised VAT) and so on.  And the press colludes in this too.

Government departments mean exactly the opposite, ‘Employment’ spends it time counting those on the dole, ‘Health’ makes sure that Hospitals have to ration treatments, ‘Environment’ promotes fracking and fossil fuels, ‘Communities’ starves local councils of money for any local project, ‘Edukashun’ is for dumbing us down and making us good workers and not enlightening us to the realities of the world.  But the worst, the biggest hypocrisy of all is ‘Defence’.  The Department of Defence promotes constant war.  And however little money there is for Hospitals or Schools there is always money for new bombers and bullets and cruise missiles, which inevitably will kill people.  But they are Muslims, so that’s alright then.

So, let’s raise a glass to Mr. Orwell for his perception and wisdom, even if he did get the date wrong.