The Long Journey Home

Saturday 30th August

Well, the summer holidays are over and so is my summer in Eymet.  Yesterday we drove back almost the whole length of France and got back to London at 9.30.  So sad to say goodbye, not only to the town but to quite a few new friends.  Last night was another Gourmand evening in Parc Forestier with live music.  Lovely to be sitting out at ten at night, the weather still warm and drinking rose wine and laughing with friends while music plays in the background.

We set off at four in the morning and were chased by thunder and lightning almost to Limoges.  We stopped for a few sleeps and walking the dogs and coffee and croissants along the way.  Paris was fine, we slowed for a mile or so but really once over the Seine we sailed through, planes landing on the runways that pass over the motorway at Charles De Gaule Airport.  Our only real problem was that in England the M25 was stationary and the Blackwall Tunnel had huge reported delays, so we fought our way across South London and got through the Rotherhithe Tunnel okay. An hour later than planned.

So, back in England again and suddenly France seems like a dream, or is this nonsensical life we live here the dream and I wake up in Eymet?  Not sure, but it won’t be long now before we retire and spend a lot more time among the vineyards and sunflowers and plum trees of the Dordogne.