Saturday 26th September

There used to be a TV show with Chris Evans called TFI Friday, and we all know what the TFI stood for.  I used to sometimes watch it.  It was a bit crazy and was supposed to get you all excited about the weekend to come.  Well, here in Eymet we don’t really notice the weekends as the Café is open 7 days a week.  It isn’t terribly hard work, except for Thursday, Market Day.  Most days there is a steady stream of people and it is quite easy to manage.  I also get a bit of writing done too.  But maybe all retirees feel this way; the excitement of the weekend loses its verve somewhat when everyday is more or less the same routine.

In July and August there are Night Markets and Festival days galore, in effect it is one big party – but things have quietened down somewhat in September, except for Friday night at the Gambetta.  Tonight (Yesterday for you) we have that evergreen favourite “Terry, Gerry and Suzie”.  They sing soft versions of all our favourite sixties and seventies songs, and a few French favourites too.  We all, well me louder than everyone else, sing along and of course singing tends to make you thirsty, so a rather large amount of wine may be consumed by all and sundry.  Of course I will be on my best behaviour and be as sober as a Judge (Judge Tiddle I presume).  So, here is to Rupert who provides us with our weekly live music and once again T F I Friday…