Sorry About the Weather

Tuesday 24th December

Driving down we had strong wind and rain north of Paris, just like in England but by the time we hit the Loire it was sunny.  Down here in Eymet yesterday it was a clear bright crisp Winter’s day.  And we turned on the news to discover that the weather was awful back home.  Torrential rain and wind, trees blown down, travel disrupted, trains cancelled and a pretty miserable time for you all.  Despite and trying to suppress that slight vicarious pleasure one feels in London when for example it shows Scotland knee deep in snow, we do feel sorry for you.  If it is any compensation we will be receiving the tail-end of the storm in a couple of days or so.  But so far the weather here has been good, cold at night and an occasional shower but mostly bright.

Yesterday we stocked up on food, potatoes, real carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, choux de bruxelles, cauliflower, dried dates and figs, olives and all sorts of little luxuries.  We unpacked our little tree and put it in the window.  It is one of those led built-in jobbies, with different coloured lights flashing at different times.  A bit dizzying and almost hypnotic if you look at it too long.

We are having a problem with the heating, as the oil-filled radiators keep knocking out the circuits, but we are off today to buy le solution Francais – le Calor Gas Heater.

So we will be snug as bugs in a rug, which we hope you will be too even in your stormy weather.