Naked Celebrity Photo’s

Wednesday 3rd September

Now that you have scrolled down and discovered none and returned to reading this we may proceed.  It is still the silly season for the press, and suddenly when we have Iraq and Ukraine and a still unsettled Gaza and many other problems to consider, like the tiniest of pebbles dropped into a calm pond this one has caused a few ripples.  The horror, the nightmare, the disgrace.  Just imagine it.  Not only one’s phone (or icloud actually) being hacked, but the most intimate images and videos being uplifted and posted on the internet.  And me, a celebrity too.

Well I can tell you – I no more want to see naked photos of Jennifer Lawrence (whoever she is) than any other starlet either.  Marylin, well maybe I would have been tempted.

But seriously, it is of course an invasion of privacy and unforgivable etc, etc.  But in the scheme of things, alongside real rape and sexual or physical assault, or death and disease in the burgeoning refugee camps all over the world it may not be the worst thing to suffer.  Besides; most of these celebrities are happy to pose in sexy provocative poses for lads mags or to promote their latest mediocre film.  And I ask you – why in the first place did they pose for the pictures (some of them performing sex acts and we know what that euphemism means) in the first place?   And then why on earth keep them on their phone, if not to show or send to someone anyway.  So, though private, they were hardly so private, and excuse me – but does this not show the most incredible naivety on their part.  Keep your sex life to yourself FFS.  I have never posed naked for a photo, but if anyone wants one please let me know and send a LARGE stamped addressed envelope.