My Record Collection 194

Tears For Fears – An Eighties pop band I quite liked.  Just got the Greatest Hits with songs such as ‘Sowing thee Seeds of Love’, ‘Everybody Wants to Rule The World’ and ‘Mad World’.  Got to admit they were good  in their day.

10 CC – Now, this was some band; 4 great musicians and songwriters who made great pop records with witty lyrics aplenty.  Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart wrote mostly pop stuff while Kevin Godley and Lol Crème were more experimental.  They had played together for about 4 years under various names but hit the big time with their first album, simply called 10 CC released in 1973.  It included 3 brilliant singles; ‘Donna’, ‘Rubber Bullets’ and my fave ‘The Dean and I’ – all charted; the first reaching numbers 2 and 1 respectively.  Each song was so different that you could pin their sound down to any particular genre.  The album also included ‘Ships Don’t Disappear In The Night’ which I loved.  Their second album ‘Sheet Music’ I had on vinyl but not (so far) on CD (so not included here). Their third was the wonderful, and possibly my favourite The Original Soundtrack – 1975.  The album feels like a film soundtrack, especially the opener ‘Une Nuit A Paris’ a mini opera in itself.  Two great singles – the classic ‘I’m Not In Love’ and ‘Life Is A Minestrone’ – but I really love the dreamy ‘The Film Of My Life’ and ‘Second Sitting For The Last Supper’.  A Masterpeice.  As was their next – How Dare You – 1976.  Another very good album; an instrumental written by Godley and Crème which featured their new sound (they would soon leave 10cc as a duo), two hit singles – the sublime ‘I’m Mandy, Fly me’ and ‘Art For Arts Sake’ and my favourites ‘Lazy Ways’ and ‘Don’t Hang Up’.  Godley and Creme left shortly after recording (see G) and Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman continued with a few session players and eventually a new band – but in my mind they were never as good as the original line-up. Two more original albums in my collection; Deceptive Bends (1977) – was actually a very successful album, big hit singles ‘Good Morning Judge’ and ‘The Things We Do For Love’ and a handful of other excellent songs – best of which was ‘Feel The Benefit’.   My last studio album was 1978’s Bloody Tourists.   A quite respectable album, but I got the feeling they were trying a bit too hard.  Excellent single – the cod-reggae – ‘Dreadlock Holiday’, and a couple of nice ballads; ‘For You And I’ and ‘Lifeline’ and ‘Tokyo’ is quite good too – but it seemed they threw everything at it, and still it didn’t quite measure up. Besides the duo Godly and Creme were making really exciting records at the same time.  10CC, with various line-ups continued, but I stopped buying them, except for a very good live album Live And Let Live (1977).  I must admit I bought this partly because Duncan Mackay had joined the band, and he used to be in Cockney Rebel.  A good album but nothing new.  Best are ‘Honeymoon For B. Troop’ and ‘Second Sitting For The Last Supper’.  I also have the obligatory Greatest Hits, and full of hits and great it is too – best was ‘I’m Not In Love’.  An often overlooked band, full of creativity and great songs.