Juliana’s Vernissage

Tuesday 29th September

The months continue to turn, and we have a new exhibition just started.  Gill Shaw’s immaculate half-embroidered and half-painted delicate flowers and ducks and jellyfish have gone; it is now the turn of Juliana Uhart.  She is yet another very talented artist, she teaches a few classes and even has private students.  Sometimes she just uses acrylic or water colours but often she uses collage as well.  Friday was spent putting up her pictures, luckily the walls of the café are plaster board and it is pretty easy to bang in the pins and hooks which inevitably have to be adjusted to bring the paintings into line.

Sunday was the Vernissage, where the artist talks about their Art to an invited audience and large quantities of wine are usually consumed too.  This one was particularly well-attended and at one point I feared we might run out of wine-glasses, or, an even more serious prospect, the wine itself.  We just managed both in the end.  The evening was warm and the crowd spilled out into the street where I had placed lots of tables and chairs.  In fact it had become quite hot and crowded in the Café, and after a glass or two most of the guests were happy to ignore the pretty paintings and sit and natter to friends.

This morning (Monday) and I washed and packed away all the glasses, a job I quite enjoy, and moved the tables back and got the Café ready for the day.  So now we have Juliana’s flowers and aerial landscapes before they too are replaced by Ingeborg’s paintings.  So many talented Artists seem to have retired down here, it is quite amazing.  I really thought my wife would struggle to find Artists to exhibit, but we have a waiting list and even last night a couple of people were enquiring how they could have their own painting up and the inevitable Vernissage.  Happy days.