How was the storm for you?

Tuesday 29th October

Here in France we watched and heard about the storm with a degree of ‘so what’, (as we were way out of its track) and slight concern.  This storm had been trailed for days and had maybe been overplayed by the media; though in the light of the great storm of 1987 who can blame them.

Like many I suspect I awoke on that long ago day to a scene of devastation.  I had heard nothing during the night, slept like the proverbial log.  I woke as usual to take the dog for a walk to find the road and pavements strewn with small branches, leaves, dustbins and debris.  We had suspected nothing, the evening weather forecast so bland as to be ignored. I rushed home and switched on the TV, at least we had power, it seemed as if half the country had been knocked out.  Quite a few people were killed by falling trees, as even this time there have been.   The tubes were’t running so we had an unexpected day off work too.

I hope. And the news reports seem to suggest that the country was better prepared this time, and that the storm was not as bad.  We had had good weather here in Aquitaine, though co-incidentally it did start raining yesterday, maybe we caught the tail end of it even down here.