Flying Down to Bergerac

Sunday 24th August

As you read this I will be flying back down to Bergerac for the last time this summer.  And what a summer it has been.  I have managed to squeeze in my work and haven’t let anyone down.  Three days work this week, and one evening – and all so that on my return in a week’s time I will not be too far behind.  Hard to explain really, but in my job there is only me.  If I don’t do my work I have to do my work.  Yes, every key stroke, every e-mail to be answered, each piece of paper to be worked on – they will all be waiting for me when I return.  Nobody will have done a thing.  So, as I will undoubtedly have to put in a couple of four day weeks to catch up, I will in effect have not had a holiday at all.  Even with three visits this August I will have only used two days holiday – and will probably do two extra days to catch up.  In one way none of it matters anyway now that I am heading for retirement.  In a years time it will be a distant memory.

And next week as I catch the last of the summer’s sun I will try to make the whole job a distant memory.  So many jobs I have had since leaving school at 17, and none of it meant a damned thing.  Nobody was saved and nobody died, I didn’t really help anyone, except a few rich idiots to get a tad richer.  All of it quite pointless.  But what else can you do?  In the economic madness we find ourselves in, we can neither be hunter or farmer and so must exchange our labour for food and shelter.  And some of us emerge triumphant and some of us shattered – some never make it.  It is almost entirely a lottery, some are lucky and incompetent but still make it, some are unlucky but competent and also make it, some are neither and fall by the wayside.  A very few are lucky and competent and really achieve something.  Me? I am somewhere in the middle, always a bit too cautious to be an entrepreneur and not quite stupid enough to fail completely.  Have a nice day.