Feeling Rotten

Friday 12th September

What a difference a day makes.  Tuesday I was fine.  No, really.  Wednesday morning I woke and was a bit blocked up, but otherwise feeling normal.  By the afternoon I was sneezing all over the place and by Wednesday evening I had a full-blown cold; streaming nose, sore eyes, sore throat and all – the whole shebang.  Rarely had a cold come out of absolutely nowhere to strike me down so quickly.

So, today (Thursday) I have been feeling grotty.  Falling asleep in the armchair with a blanket over me, making endless cups of tea and dosing myself up with Lemsip.  Hopefully the worst will soon be over and I can start feeling better.  Such a pity as I was looking forward to a work-free day on which to try to review what I have written so far of the new book.  Oh Well, it will just have to wait.

Even the news on TV has bored me, and I am trying to summon up the strength for a walk into town.  I am wondering if I had stayed in France I would now be full of cold, or is it a natural consequence of travelling on the tube every day, breathing in everyone else’s fumes.  Who knows.