Escalation Breeds Escalation

Sunday 31st August

There is a theory of aggression, where each stepping up of aggression results in a corresponding increase from the other party.  In animals, especially in the mating season, one of the (usually males) surrenders at a point before serious damage results.  However in humans, (the most dangerous animals) increased aggression often simply  results in more and more aggression.

Nobody can dispute that the situation in Ukraine has got out of hand.  Whose fault it is depends on who you believe and which media you are subjected to.  Russia insists it is simply defending a Russian speaking minority which is being persecuted by an ultra-nationalist Government.  Ukraine says it is being invaded by Russia which is intent on annexing more and more bits of land.

The West has responded like Pavlov’s dog by slapping sanctions on Russia and increasing them with each new perceived act of Russian aggression.  But it has now got to the macho stage of politicians leap-frogging each other in stating that Russia has declared war on Europe in more and more violent language.  Russia has responded by banning imports of food and drink from the EU.

The trouble is that Putin is not Saddam Hussein or Gadaffi.  He is the leader of still one of the most powerful countries on earth.  Surely no-one wants to return to the Cold War years.  And yet our leaders are taking up more and more intransigent and aggressive postures.  Someone is going to have to back down and I don’t expect for one moment it will be Russia.  Talk to each other for Christ’s sake…..