Christmas remembered – part 4

Sunday 24th December

I don’t really remember much about TV in the sixties, except White Christmas always being on on Christmas morning.  The seventies, when I had my own Telly was something else.  We couldn’t wait to get our hands on the Christmas Issues of Radio and TV Times, and would assiduously read them from cover to cover and mark in felt-tip pen our must-watch shows.  Remember this was before video-recorders and no-one had even imagined i-players so if you missed it – you missed it and would have to wait maybe a whole year to see it.  In fact I am sure lots of Christmas Specials never got shown again.  Must-sees were always Christmas Top of the Pops, innocent as we were of Jimmy Saville’s fiddling out of camera shot.  Morecambe and Wise was also unmissable, and then all the comedy Christmas specials which seemed to just get better and better each year. And then there were films.  Hard to imagine but you had to wait several years from Cinema release to watching them on the telly back then, so seeing a James Bond or Indiana Jones actually on your own t.v. for the first time was amazing.

I am fairly certain that when there were fewer channels and less choice we all enjoyed TV more.  How often has everyone in the office watched the same thing nowadays, so that shared experience is long gone.

Anyway I am sure the present generation of teenagers wil look back with the same nostalgia in forty or so years time, reminiscing fondly to a totally bemused young audience of X factor and Strictly and Celebrity in the Jungle.  Such is the rosy glow of memory – it was always better then.