Busy Busy Busy

Thursday 30th October

Life is a whirl, somedays.  And there just doesn’t seem any time for anything.  So, no time to write a blog yesterday.  This will have to do.  Our soical life is far far busier than it has ever been back in England.  Maybe it is the good weather, or just the nature of the place, or the fact that so many people here are English, or on holiday, or retired or just far moe relaxed, but everyone talks to each other, people take the time to chat, to drop in for coffee or a glass or six of wine in the evening.

There was also the usual few odd DIY jobs to do, and a bit of Christmas shopping too.  I am getting to the point of utter frustration with Christmas presents; what on earth do I buy for my kids which will not simply clutter up their homes or that I haven’t bought them before.  Oh well, we will see.