Brilliant Debut Albums #58

Peter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel (car) (1977)

Peter, released his first four albums simply with his name as the title.  The first – his debut – has become known as ‘car’ because of the cover. Confusing, but hey!  And what a great album to kick off a surprising and at times confusing solo career. The first single ‘Solsbury Hill’ was a big hit, even if the lyrics are about escaping the pressures of his former band, ‘Genesis’.  But the whole album is quite sublime, each track sounding completely different from each other and quite brilliant too. I saw him live a few months after this, where he played a new unreleased song ‘Biko’.  He was absolutely incredible.  But strangely after these first four self-titled albums and the big hit album ‘So’, he has seemed to eschew stardom and has released new music only occasionally.   Best songs on this album (though they are all excellent really) are ‘Moribund The BurgerMeister’, ‘Down The Dolce Vita’ and the wonderful ‘Here Comes The Flood’. 

Peter Gabriel 1