Brilliant Debut Albums #56

Eurythmics – In The Garden (1981)

Like a breath of fresh air on what was starting to become a stale ‘pop’ scene, the Eurythmics, Annie Lennox – vocals and Dave Stewart everything else, burst on the scene – with an incredible hit single ‘Sweet Dreams Are Made of This’ -and like most of us I hadn’t noticed their debut – which had no ‘Hits’ on it.  I went back and bought it, and was pleasantly surprised.  All the elements of their incredible success were already there; maybe the production wasn’t as sharp, and the songs not so instantly lovable, but the sound and the feel were.  During the Eighties they were almost a fixture in the charts, each new single instantly going top ten.  I bought a few of their albums but after a while they stopped being so innovative and started to sound quite samey. Still another incredible band – and despite no real hits and a flop when it first came out, In The Garden is still pretty good; especially ‘Take Me To Your Heart’, ‘Never Gonna Cry Again’ and ‘Revenge’.

in The Garden