Almost all adverts use CGI

Friday 5th September

It started in a few films, mostly sci-fi or cartoons, but now CGI or computer generated imagery is everywhere.  Have you noticed but almost every advert on tv now uses it.  Sometimes it is obvious as impossible things happen but sometimes it is just in the swerving camera shots that just had to be computer generated.  But also far more subtly in ads for hair or skin products where I am sure those minor blemishes are all ironed out, or that perfect sheen in her hair is miraculously accomplished.  So, we are living in a perfect image world, where every magazine shot, even of a tub of margarine has been digitally enhanced, to say nothing of the faces and bodies of the people in them.  And largely we do not notice, we take it all for granted.  And maybe we take all of this perfection for granted too, the immaculate white walls and stylish furniture, the elegant clothes, the perfect looks.  Do we never look around at our own scruffy and grubby world and notice the difference.  Or are we sub-consciously separating the two, the ad world with it’s CGI and ironed out view of the world and our own tawdry version of it.  Do we actually realize that this is all CGI created and dismiss it as such, or are we somehow sucked in to believing that this is the perfection be should be striving for.   Interesting?