Two bits of news about Corona virus which amaze and frighten me.   Number one; Some ‘Government experts’ are apparently recommending that the best course of action (which for all we know may be the strategy the Government are actually taking) is to allow a herd immunity to develop.  In practice this means 60% of the population getting the virus.  The reason given is that then that will stop a return of the virus come next winter as a majority of the population will be immune (as they have already had it) and will therefore not pass it on to others.  Mind you this would still leave 40% of the population who have not had it and have no immunity, so I really don’t see how that will help much.  The most alarming aspect of this however is simple mathematics.  The UK population is 70 million; 60% of that number is 42 million.  Now at the moment the smallest estimate of death rates is that only 1% of those contracting the virus actually die and they are mostly the elderly anyway.  BUT…1 % of 42 million is 420 thousand.  Just think about that.  And of course who knows that 1% is correct.  In Italy at the moment the number is running at over 4 percent; that would give us one million, six hundred thousand dead.  Are they really suggesting this sort of sacrifice; why, we may as well wheel those over 80 in handcarts and burn them alive on funeral pyres.

The other alarming aspect of the ‘Delay’ strategy is that if one has symptoms, simply stay at home for seven days.  DO NOT contact your doctor or a pharmacy or a Hospital. And DO NOT GET YOURSELF TESTED.  I wonder if that is A) sensible in the slightest, and B) the real reason for not being tested is so that the confirmed cases remain nice and low.  The public would be reassured that the Government strategy is working as so few people have got the virus.  

I leave you to make your own judgement….