Sunday 11th March

Words of wisdom, words of hate, words that often decide your fate, words spoken in haste, they just won’t wait, words of apology coming too late.

Words you find you later regret, words that are honest, and yet, and yet, words where others fear to tread, true words, but better left unsaid.

Words that somehow just came out, words you needed to scream and shout, words you whispered in the dark, words of one syllable, silent and stark.

Words you wish that you had thought, words that taught you simply naught, words wasted on blinkered ears, words that crystallise your fears.

Words you so desperately wanted to say, words you saved for another day, words you kept inside your head, words you should have forgotten instead.

Words you wrote then crossed out, words so boring you repeatedly spout, words that people remember you by, words that always make you cry.

Words you simply can’t help repeating, words that sound like some sheep bleating, words that do nothing but turn you away, words that want to make you stay.

Words are like confetti blown around in the rain, they fly out of reach, or drift back again, but some words stick and refuse to fall, words that define the meaning of it all.

Words we constantly use and abuse, words are the weapons we use to bruise, words are our only saving grace, words that stroke the cheeks of your face.

Words that caress, words that undress, words spoken in the heat of passion, words that are going out of fashion.

Words are sometimes your only defence, but words don’t always make perfect sense, words can even condemn you too, words can beat you black and blue.

Words of wisdom, words of love, words to persuade when push comes to shove.

Words you spoke that were wasted on me, words that finally set you free, words that kept you by my side, words you said, then tried to hide.

Words of wisdom, words you hoped were wiser than this, words of tenderness, words full of bliss.

Words you can’t keep, words you can’t save, words deep inside that thoughts can’t erase, words you will take with you to your grave.