Whisper the Words

Sunday 16th October 

I really do not intend to bore you, especially with reams of poetry; actually I haven’t written that much, especially of late, but I did write this a year or so ago, and although it attempts to deal with falling in love, at the time I was in no way falling in love I can assure you – that hasn’t happened since I was in my twenties.  But maybe I was just carrying around the idea of the poem for years without it forming itself into words at all, I often revisit earlier writings anyway, and attempt to redefine them.  I find that the simple act of copying them down onto a fresh piece of paper will often result in a slight juxtaposition, an exchange of a key word, giving a more apposite meaning, and edge it didn’t have before. But I also realise that one has to stop somewhere, or nothing would ever be considered finished, a dilemma for the perfectionist artist I am sure, but I am not that precious about my jottings and so I present this little bit of nonsense for your delectation.

Whisper the words    Don’t say them out loud  Whisper you love me  If you aren’t too proud         Your breath is like honey  That drips on my heart  And sweetens and lightens  The dark dingy part

Whsper you love me  Don’t shout it out loud   Put your lips to my ear   I’ll imagine the sound        In the quiet of the night  When all souls are asleep  I’ll wake to observe you  The memory to keep

And before you awake  I’ll kiss every inch  And take all your fears  Never more will you flinch         This night is so silent  This room is so still  I’ll whisper the words  I promise I will

If you whisper the words   Say them soft to the moon  Watch as they hover  They’ll come back so soon          And I’ll whisper them too  We won’t make a sound   We’ll whisper the love   We’ve suddenly found

And there you have it.  So, please forgive my silly indulgence, just this once.  It will be prose tomorrow I promise.