War !!!

Thursday 12th April

We are on the brink of War.  When (only 48% remember) of Americans elected Trump we were all worried.  When he started sacking his Cabinet we stupidly laughed at his incompetence.  When he tweets most mornings, it is a source of amusement.  But now it is looking extremely dangerous.  Any country, if attacked will react with whatever it has got in it’s armoury.  Syria, poor be-knighted Syria, is now the chosen arena for a show of force by competing World Powers.  I am no defender of Bashar Assad or his regime, but just like Saddam in neighbouring Iraq he used to run a secular and pretty good Government.  There were good schools, Universities, vibrant cities, electricity and water – and provided you didn’t annoy those in power with demands like Democracy then for most Syrians, life was pretty good.  But just as in Iraq and Yemen and Libya and Egypt things would not be allowed to remain the same.

Whoever is to blame for starting the Civil War (and it looks like America and the Saudis) it has been prolonged way past its sell-by date.  And now it involves the Kurds (fighting as ever for their own homeland), Iran (devout enemies of the Saudis) Russia (not blameless either but supporting Assad), America (who have 2000 “advisors” on the ground, helping {and arming} the rebels) Israel (who see any chance of weakening an enemy as legitimate) The Saudis (of course) and not to forget France and Britain, who helped to bomb “Isis” (and a load of innocent civilians in the process).

And now we have the “Chemical Weapons” saga.  Whether we will ever discover the truth I doubt very much.  But I have to ask Why?  And who stands to gain most from their deployment.  There are surely easier ways to kill people, and Assad has not hesitated in bombing either.  The “rebels”, armed and advised by America are losing – that much is for sure.  What better way to get America to come to their real aid, especially as only a few days ago Trump declared he was pulling his troops out of Syria altogether?  But, it almost doesn’t matter the pretext., this “War” has been planned for a long time….And War must be avoided at all costs.  It is not appeasement, it is simply Common Sense.

And still we hear the cry that Russia must be punished, which only goes to show that you CAN fool most of the people most of the time.