The Last Day of May

Friday 31st May

My, how the year is flying past, May all but gone now, and ‘sunny June’ just around the corner (not that you would know).  We had visitors last week and they were hurrying back to England because, among other things they had tickets for the first day of Wimbledon.  The football season has ended (at last) and we have already had two England test matches.  We don’t really feel we have left Winter far behind us and already summer is knocking at the door.

Or should be, but for the second year running we seem to be in some perpetual rainy season, not really cold yet not warm enough to call summer.  We live in perpetual hope for something real to believe in.  And it is the same with politics, we seem to be stuck in some perpetual rainy season, with Cameron wetter than wet, and Milliband distinctly damp too.  With the rise of UKIP, some of which will undoubtedly last and impact on the next election (two years off – God, how can we wait that long) we may well be looking at another wet wet wet coalition, offering sunshine just around yet another five year corner.

Or is it just me?  And getting older, feeling that perennial complaint that ‘Fings aint what they used t’ be.’  Maybe politics will matter less and less to future generations, and we will have some sort of continuous meritocracy, possibly linked in with computers so sophisticated that they only need a few politician-meritocrats to discuss and agree the finer details.

And maybe they will be able to generate the seasons once more, with a clear distinction between them rather than this perpetual rain, where the last day of May could well be any day in March, April, October or November.  Only the calendar gives us any clue.