The Day After The Day Before

Sunday 20th May

Success – I managed to avoid the Royal Wedding all day; not a glimpse of the build-up, the ceremony itself, or the aftermath.  I might tune in for the divorce….hahaha.  I barely watched the football (F.A. Cup) either, as it was between two teams I don’t really like, and two managers I think are quite conceited.  Anyway, Chelsea won by a single penalty, so I didn’t miss much. No, I was busy all day.  The café in the morning was briskly busy; despite the sunny weather I did six English breakfasts.  Then I had the task of moving two wardrobes; we are having new built-in ones, and the ones we were using we inherited with the house two and a half years ago now.  A tough job, dismantling and moving, but with a little help it got done.  Then finishing off painting a smallish section of railings on the balcony; tedious and slow-going.

Finished just in time for the evening’s entertainment; the Barker Boys at Chez K.  Now, usually Geoff (with or without his son) is a regular at the Gambetta.  Chez K opened a year ago and has gone from strength to strength.  It was a great night under the arches drinking wine and eating barbequed sausage.  Good company too…but after almost a whole bottle of Rose it was gone ten and time to go home…but not quite to bed, the small task of cooking sausages and bacon for today.  Very tired and to bed.


As the Beatles sang…”Woke Up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head”….slight hangover.  Oh well, I am recovering with coffee and croissants and ready for another day.  And you think your life is busy?