Taking Politics Out Of Government

Wednesday 7th February

The trouble with Democracy is that every party, when they finally get into power is far more concerned with getting re-elected at the next election than doing the right thing.  Far too much power accrues to the Prime Minister (a sort of elected King) who not only hires and fires their own Cabinet but almost always dictates the Policy.  We now have a Prime Minister being pulled and pushed in all directions before deciding which Brexit road we will be dragged down.  And likewise, the entire Labour Party is waiting on tenterhooks for Jeremy to make his mind up too, whether to go soft or hard.

Let us look at two big issues.  The NHS is always short of funds, and at each election parties promise to fund it adequately, which they rarely do.  Wouldn’t it be far simpler to have a National Commissioning Body which decides in advance what actual funding the NHS needs, and it would then be up to Government to find the money.  Experts rather than Ministers would decide how much money a decent NHS requires. A similar system could work for schools.  But this will never happen…Taking Politics out of Government, you must be joking.


With Brexit itself, the sensible thing for any Government to have done on receiving the electorate’s decision would have been to have consulted widely and tried to hammer out some sort of consensus.  Difficult I know, but it could have been done if the Political Will was there.  Our whole strategy should have been decided and agreed on (as far as that is possible) before we triggered Article 50.  Instead our new PM made it a political decision.  She was more concerned with winning votes than doing the right thing.  The Cabinet are actually only meeting today to decide our end game.  This was far too important to have been dealt with in this way.

Prime Minister’s are concerned ultimately about their legacy.  How people will remember them.  And despite Mrs. May’s intention to deliver a splendid Brexit she will be remembered for yet another terribly bungled and ultimately very costly mess…Sometimes you just have to take Politics out of Decision Making, and do the right thing,

  • Joe Moore

    I didn’t realise the Prime Minister dictated any policy. I thought she chaired meetings because nobody else wanted to do it (yet)!
    I can’t see any strategy for NHS funding, apart from John Prescott’s hidious Public/Private partnership (basically, taxpayer money funnelled to friends of the Tory Party). I suspect the Tories would like to introduce, the much hated, Obamacare, or even go for Trump’s free for all (but Not free at the point of delivery).
    BREXIT isn’t going to go well, we will end up envying the Norwegian’s for their excellent deal with the EU and the UK economy will be depressed for decades.
    This makes the idea of legacy a farce. After a 2 year gap, I am currently visiting the UK, where I get to regularly read such fine publications as The Sun & The Daily Mail. In the intervening time, these publications seen to have taken a trip down Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole. They represent a reality that just doesn’t exist! For them Theresa May really does lead a strong and stable government (I shit you Not)! Few Prime Ministers get anything like the legacy they think, but can at least delude themselves (see Tony Blair for details). But the idea that Theresa May will leave anything behind that she’d want to boast about in her memories is laughable. I’m stunned that she thinks she can pull that rabbit out of that particular rabbit hole.
    I’m so glade I don’t have to work in politics, the cognitive dissonance would kill me!