Sycophancy – Sick-O-Fancy

Friday 18th May

Trying to escape the Royal Wedding, but the news channels are reporting barely anything else.  Talk about sycophancy, it is as if the whole world has gone Harry and Meghan mad.  Hey guys – this is the Twenty-First Century; and Harry is only 5th in line to the throne; it will be a miracle (and a personal tragedy) if he ever becomes King.  And….he isn’t even Charles’ kid – allegedly.

What a farce !!!  And yet another nonsense to distract us from Brexit, or the mess we are in over it.  By the way there was a really interesting Parliamentary discussion last night on the Customs Union (unreported, of course).  First we had the Salisbury poisoning, (of which, since then nothing….no suspect, no pictures of the Skripals…I wonder why…hahaha)  then the Syria nerve agent nonsense (again a news blackout, even though the inspectors have found no evidence at all, it was a good excuse for a nice bombing). And now we have the wedding.  Over to you Katya at Windsor, where it is all happening….or actually where nothing at all is happening.  A lonely reporter facing the camera and trying desperately to dredge up some unthusiasm. And if you are having a street party here is the weather forecast.  No, I am not having a street party; I might have a bonfire if we got rid of the whole crowd. And even here in France, there is fascination from the French, who, we must not forget beheaded their King.  Well, we did too; even if this is quietly forgotten amid the frenzy of celebration.  Oh well, I will just have to remember NOT to switch on the TV on Saturday until 5 in the evening where two rich football clubs will play a game for another bit of silver…