Raindrops keep falling on my head

Thursday 30th May

Oh dear, what wet weather we are having.  I understand it is not too wonderful in England either.  Here, after a slow start and a flurry of sun on Sunday we had one gorgeous day on Monday.  Tuesday it was on and off all day, but with some lovely sunny spells.  Today, Wednesday it has rained, quite violent thunderstorms at times, more or less all day.  We still managed to get out and headed south into ‘Lot et Garonne’.  I liked the sound of Trompefort but it turned out to be a dismal little town, on to Montahus, a not too inspiring name.  We were high up on an escarpment by now, and Montahus lies snuggled underneath a colline, or hill.  We parked the car and followed the sign for a viewing point.  Up and up we walked, and were at last rewarded with a lovely grassed hill with beautiful vistas over the surrounding countryside. We must have been pretty high up, as you could see quite a few kilometers away.  There were panoramic maps showing the surrounding towns and chateaux, and through the persistent rain we slowly identified them.

We had a lovely lunch in a splendid restaurant in Saint Pasteur, another nice sounding but otherwise boring little town.  The whole restaurant was white with blue curtains and base plates, white damask tablecloths and napkins.  It was really reasonable too, and such a surprise to discover, there were tall windows all around and as we were still quite high with lovely views as you ate.

The rain continued, and we got soaked a couple of times, but are now snug and warm in our little house.

Hope it stops tomorrow, as I really have to put a second coat on those garden doors.  Oh well.