No News Is Bad News

Monday 14th May

There appears to be a dearth of news.  Of course there is always news – they have to fill the schedules up with something.  But there seems no news of any real consequence.  It is as if the powers that be have whispered….”Hush, speak no more, let the children slumber, do not disturb them.”  So, we have to make do with reports of a volcano slowly bubbling away in Hawaii, and attacks on churches in Indonesia, a Malaysian election, and a strange creature washed up on a Philippino shore (which turned out to be a decomposed whale).  Where is Brexit?  Has the Donald gone into hiding?  Oh, there was a slight flurry on Andrew Marr yesterday about Brexit, with both Labour and Michael Gove looking as washed out and washed up as the decomposing whale; their policies designed neither to offend nor please anyone while the ship of state drifts onto the rocks.  There could be more violence in the Middle East as Ivanka (daughter and advisor {hahaha} to the Trumpster) opens the ‘new’ US embassy in Jerusalem.  A move destined to delight the Israelis and infuriate the Arabs – so much for diplomacy).

So, what am I looking for?  Anything.  Anything really that excites me.  And all we have is the impending Royal Wedding… I switch off.  No News Is Bad News Indeed.