My Record Collection 123

Groove Armada   Introduced to me by my daughter Laura, who loves dance music. The record she bought me was Vertigo (1999)  , and I was immediately entranced; the band are really a duo, who are supplemented both in the studio and live by other musicians, and most notably vocalists.  Vertigo was actually their second album and very accomplished it is.  It features the singles ‘I See You Baby’ and ‘At The River’ (which has been used in many adverts and documentaries).  It is really quite varied too, with a handful of fast funky infectious tracks like ‘Chicago’ and some slower songs like the sublime ‘At the River’.  A lovely album; I especially love the use of the trumpet, sometimes muted and sometimes bleating.  The following year they brought out ‘Goodbye Country, Hello Nightclub’ – which was supposed to be a more clubby record, but there were still some bucolic tracks, in fact the last few tracks are all quite slow.  Best songs were the huge hit ‘Superstylin’ and the charming ‘My Friend’.  I must admit that the simply instrumental tracks left me wondering….just a groove with no direction home.  Next up is Black Light (2010).  It seems that Groove Armada were on half working time, barely producing anything new for a few years.  Black Light (2010) is my next album of theirs.  And a very disco-ish record it is, lots of female vocals (and even a track sung by Brian Ferry).  Very dancey but almost all the same beat throughout, almost as if it is the same song really. Best tracks – ‘Warsaw’ and ‘History’ – but nothing really like their earlier stuff.    I also have a double album 10 YR Story – which is basically remixes of some of their old songs.  Quite nice, especially disc 2 which is all slow stuff. ; a lovely long version of ‘Blue Skies’.  But probably only for hardcore fans.  And of course the obligatory Greatest Hits, which is sometimes all you need.  This record would be great for a dancey party, but listening on your own ?  Not so great.

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