My Record Collection 111

Florence and The Machine – just the one album, Lungs.  Not really mon tasse du the I am afraid.  Nothing wrong with it, it just didn’t move me.   Only song I liked was ‘Girl with one eye’.  Oh Well.

Flying Burritto Brothers – A strange one; a band which formed and reformed every few monthe.  But the only CD I have is a double of the first 2 albums which featured Chris Hillman (see B The Byrds) and Gram Parsons (see P) who had also been in The Byrds for a single album, the country-tinged Sweetheart of the Rodeo, where he wrote several of the songs.  Parsons was a son of wealthy parents and was in love with country music.  Blessed with a heavenly voice and a penchant for writing hauntingly beautiful melodies he was also a very troubled soul.  He drifted from band to band and recorded 2 solo albums before dying of a drugs overdose.  So, only 5 albums of his exist and this CD has 2 of them.  The FBB debut was The Gilded Palace of Sin 1969.  This is a more or less straight-forward country album with mostly Parsons penned classic ballads, the best of which are ‘Sin City’ and ‘Dark End Of The Street’ – but it really is a lovely, if at times a touch mawkish record.  The band went through one of it’s regular personnel changes and basically Hillman and Parsons were left alone but recrutited Bernie Leadon, who would soon also decamp and help form The Eagles (see E).  At this time in the West Coast, groups were very fluid – and in fact the FBB continued under various names and personnel after Hillman and parsons left after recording their second classic Buritto Deluxe (1970).  This seemed a bit rockier, probably due to Leadon’s influence. Again a rich seam of songs, including ‘Wild Horses’ which Parsons had written with Keith Richards.  Rumour has it that Keith actually wanted Gram to join the Stones and move them towards a more country style – who knows, I think the connection was more hard drugs than music, but hey.  Other classics are ‘High Fashion Queen’ and ‘Lazy Days’.  After this Gram drifted into heavier drug use and after his 2 solo records died of an overdose.  He is now a cult figure, revered by so mnay later American bands; a great songwriter and effortless singer.

Roddy Frame – was essentially Aztec Camera, one of my favourite 80’s bands.  Just one album I have of his, the slightly disappointing North Star.  I was expecting so much more, or at least a new Aztec Camera album, under a different name.  Anyway – the album itself; well not so bad, first three songs very like Aztec Camera but then a couple of slower numbers which never seem to really catch alight.  A bit subdued in places.  And although Roddy has continued to release a handful of sporadic records I haven’t been tempted to buy them.

The Future Sound Of London.  Only one album from early 90’s and it is quite interesting; electronica and drum beats and a variety of moods – but no real singing.  No words anyway, and so it just all seems to wash over me really.  Melodies come and go but nothing stays in the brain. Nice wallpaper music I suppose