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Eurythmics – were a phenomenon of the Eighties.  After the nonsense of punk and the advent of the New Romantics, pop really needed a new sound and the Eurythmics filled the void perfectly.  Dave Stewart (see S) and Annie Lennox (see L) exuded modernity and chic, mastering the new sounds of drum machines and synths and a voice that could both shatter glass and soothe in the same sentence they took the World by storm.  Every album was full of hits which are still popular today; none more so then their second Sweet Dreams 9are made of this) 1983.  The title track is sheer brilliance with its bass line and gorgeous vocals, it just rolls along.  Also great from that album is ‘Love Is A Stranger’, but I also like ‘Jennifer’ and ‘This Is the House’, which mirrors what Talking heads (see T) were singing about in America.  A lovely album of songs. The same year they also released, on the back of huge success, Touch.  Here their trademark sound was sharpened, the androgynous look ramped up and, if anything, the songs got even better.  Three huge hits ‘Here Come The Rain Again’, ‘Who’s that Girl’ and best of all ‘Right by Your Side’.  They were now unstoppable, in a way they had carried on the sound and look from Bowie (see B) and Roxy (see R) but with a bit more mass appeal., and that secret ingredient danceability.  So, another great album where even the non-hits were damned good tracks.   My next Eurythmics album is 1986’s Revenge.  This is a more hard rock album, more guitars and less ‘poppy’ synths – somehow it works, and yet I miss the earlier sound.  I suppose that five years of success must take its toll, constant touring and promoting new singles, all of which were hits too.  Oh, it must be so tough at the top; or at least staying at the top.  By now Eurythmics were rock royalty and could do anything – well, almost.  Some great songs on this one – ‘Thorn In My Side’, ‘When Tomorrow Comes’ and ‘The Miracle of Love’.  Dave Stewart still producing and the music for the songs, Annie wrote the lyrics.  But I think strains were showing, as they inevitably must.  And maybe we have a clue from the album titles, ‘Sweet Dreams’ ‘Touch’ ‘Revenge’ and now Savage (1989) – they were certainly having an on-off relationship at the time.  Anyway, the album.  Another absolute classic, with an edge this time – opener ‘Beethoven’ is not about the composer at all, but a relationship falling apart.  ‘You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart’ says it all – there is even a song (quite cheerful as it happens) ‘Do You Want To break Up?’.  The title track is a bitter sweet song, but much of the other songs somehow leave me feeling a bit flat.

The band broke up at the end of the Eighties after 9 albums, but reformed twenty years later for that lucrative World Tour and one more album.  I also have a Greatest Hits, which is full of familiar old songs.  Annie Lennox had a faltering career as a solo artist.  Dave Stewart became a full-time record producer.

Sweet Dreams with Eurythmics and Lori Majewski's Lust For ...