Julia Skripol is the Key

Tuesday 20th March

We are not being told very much.  All we have been told is that the nerve agent was Russian, called Novichok, and the poisoning was either ordered or approved by Putin himself.  Now, Novichok is a generic term for a new type of nerve agent supposedly developed by a Soviet unit in the Eighties.  The intelligence for this was a whistle-blower, but NO sample has ever been obtained by the West.  It is therefore not possible for Porton Down or the OPCW or anyone else to absolutely identify Novichok.  It is most probable that the agent has been tested and does not conform to any other known agent – therefore it must be Novichok, and it must be Russian.

Now, the very fact that one of the victims was a Russian who spied for Britain, was convicted of treason in Russia, and then released to Britain as part of a SpySwap a few years ago – points to a possible and even probable Russian link.  But there is no evidence that it was sanctioned by the Russian state or indeed ordered by Putin.  But it has been a handy diversion for the Government from Brexit and all it’s other problems.

Not that I am suggesting that there has been any duplicity.  And it is quite possible, though far from proven, that the Government is right.

But we are not being told everything.  In fact nothing.  No photo’s of Skripol and his daughter in hospital, no named suspect, no evidence of how the nerve agent was administered.

Now, things begin to get murky.  The Sun on Sunday (hardly the first investigative Journalists one would seek, but still they may have contacts with the Police) reported that Julia Skripol (who we know arrived from Russia two days before the poisoning) had a boyfriend who was a Secret service agent (a spy) and that she had worked for a while in the Russian Embassy in Washington.  And yet mysteriously this news has simply disappeared.  No other Media outlet has reported it.  I wonder why.

But today another piece of the puzzle emerged; Police are looking at the taxi which brought Julia from Heathrow to Salisbury.  Why would they do that unless they thought (or knew) that she had brought the poison into the country?  And if she was the carrier, why?  Was she the person who released it?  Was she trying to kill her father?  Was it a suicide attempt by one or both of them?  Was she indeed a Russian Spy, or was this some personal vendetta?

Whatever the answer I am pretty certain that the Police, or MI5 know – they just aren’t telling us.  Maybe they will never tell us.  Maybe it is more convenient to simply let everyone think it was Putin.  Maybe Theresa May hasn’t been told either.  But I am also pretty certain that the truth will come out sometime; it is far harder for the authorities to hide now that we have the internet, and people can post anonymously – almost with impunity.

So, if you have read this but suddenly find it isn’t available anymore, you will know why….hahaha