Cars Without Indicators

Tuesday 28th May

I have noticed for some time now that manufacturers are making cars without indicators.  I don’t mean those little pop-up arrow-shaped flippers that used to stick out of the side which had replaced the driver using hand signals some decades ago; these were superseded of course by flashing red lights which for a time were everywhere.  But it seems they are now making cars without any indicators at all.  The lights are there alright, just to the side of the head and rear lights, but for some reason they don’t light up anymore.  Are the electrics not working, or can the drivers not find the little indicator wand at the edge of the steering wheel, I really don’t know.

But what I do know is that both here in France and back in England cars have largely ceased indicating.  Here in Eymet the town square is open to traffic, there are four corners each with roads leading into the square at right angles; so eight ways in, and once there for each road two choices, straight ahead or either left or right.  As a pedestrian you are always on the lookout for these cars who enter the square totally blind-sighted, the drivers sitting hunched over the wheel looking left and right.  But though I am looking out for the cars, the car divers aren’t looking out for me but for other cars.

Now the drivers I am sure know where they are going and which direction they will be taking to both enter and exit the square but I as a pedestrian do not.   So why oh why, do they not use their indicators to let me know.  Not a single one does, so I have to conclude that for whatever peculiar reason there might be the manufacturers have decided not to manufacture cars with indicators anymore.

Take your life in your hands pedestrians, and keep an eye out left right straight ahead and behind you too for the indicator-less motor car has finally arrived.