C – is for Leonard Cohen, Old Poets Never Die

Sunday 23rd November

Leonard came out of his self-imposed ‘retirement’ with another wonderful record “Ten New Songs” co-written with vocalist “Sharon Robinson” in 2001.  Just when we all thought that that was the end of Leonard Cohen, just how wrong can you be.  It seems that old poets do not die, there words just become a bit slower.  Leonard has toured extensively in the last few years and now he relies on a brilliant band and backing singers, Sharon and the Webb sisters.  Leonard now almost whispers the words, hardly singing them at all but has created an incredible experience; a Leonard Cohen concert is akin to a religious ceremony, a personal enlightenment, a gathering of the clan and a truly uplifting time.  All those fools who say he is so depressing obviously have never listened to the words which offer hope and harmony and wisdom in a timeless voice that now carries with it eighty years of life-experience.

He has continued to release studio records and rather a lot of live ones.  “Dear Heather” was experimental and maybe a mistake, but “Old Ideas” was not at all bad.  His latest “Popular Problems” is winging it’s way to me as I write so a review will come later.  Could this be his last album?  Every tour is seen as possibly his last, as saint-like he tours the world gaining new and pleasing old fans alike.  Long may he continue…4