Strange How the Tiredness Hits You

Friday 1st March

Last week I really had no rest; it has actually been almost non-stop for days now.  Firstly I had to work Monday to Wednesday, as usual squeezing four days work into three.  Then on Thursday morning it was up early and off to meet my daughter at St. Pancras, then on to Gatwick.  The flight and drive took nearly all day as it happened, and I was quite shattered when we arrived at Eymet.  Out for a quick meal with Julia, then to bed and up early to see her off back to England.  Two days in France, which should have been relaxing, but which for one reason or another were a bit tedious.  Up very early again on the Sunday and drive and fly back home.  I had just got in and had a sandwich and it was out again to writing class.  In the evening we had visitors, so again no rest.

Then this week four days of work, and visitors on Tuesday night and again tonight.  Great fun in a way but this morning I felt absolutely shattered and really didn’t want to get out of bed, let alone go to work.  Well, I did of course, and now (Thursday night) all of that rushing about has finally caught up with me.

Tomorrow is moving furniture around as we will have the entire family descending on us for my birthday jaunt on Saturday.  On Sunday I just want to sleep.  Please.