And now the spotlight falls on Labour

Monday 1st October

After a pretty torrid week for the Lib-Dems, trying to convince a skeptical public, that they are making a real difference by being part of the coalition it is now the turn of Labour.  Riding high in the polls is really not good enough, as this is far more a sign of disgruntlement with the Government than a vote of confidence in the Opposition.  After all, there is only one party of opposition now.  And somehow, Ed Milliband just doesn’t quite convince.  There is always the shadow of his brother David, who many in the general public feel would have been a more astute, and let’s face it, a more attractive leader.  There is also the menacing shark of Ed Balls, who one feels is never quite what he appears to be.  If there were only a way for Ed to ditch Ed Balls and bring his brother into the fold without the press going into a fratricidal frenzy it might all seem a bit more convincing.  I feel there is still time out before the next election to move Mr. Balls to some less damaging brief, maybe Health, or even a straight swap with Douglas Alexander at Foreign Affairs.  Labour above all else needs a convincing shadow chancellor, and Ed Balls carries just too much Brown baggage and is always in danger of becoming the story, rather than telling it.

Also Ed Milliband really has to come up with something that inspires the general public to believe that he, and of course, Labour under him, will do a far better job than the present lot.  And so far he has failed.  The smart money is on the next election being just as indecisive as the last one.  No doubt Labour will pick up some seats, and unless Nick Clegg is replaced the Lib-dems will lose some, though it is quite possible the Tories may gain a few at their expense too.  I suspect that Labour may well be the largest party next time, but it is still feasible that the present coalition will carry on by default.  And that may be the very worst result for the whole country.  So come on Ed, show us some real leadership, and persuade us just why we should trust you.